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Sandoval Freestyle Karate:

My daughter’s been going to Sandoval’s for about 6 months now, and we initially began it because they had a good deal going (comparable to the others around) and because we wanted her to have more discipline and also learn defense.

I’ve been taking her 3-4 times a week now since then. All of the instructors are great with all ages, get to know the parents too, and they even offer free weekend birthday parties for the kids. All of these things really made it an extension of family and home.

My daughter loves it, began when she was 3 (is now 4), and is eager to go as often as possible.

Devon A.
Chandler, AZ

I have a child that joined Sandoval about a year ago, he is a yellow belt and I can not believe the change in him. He has gained so much self confidence and self respect. He has won awards, his self esteem has been built up by the instructors, and they are really great. When he started with Sandoval his attention span was very little, but with the help of Sandoval Karate he is more focused at home and school as well. I would highly recommend Sandoval Karate.


This is an excellent school! The instructors are great and really care about the students and their success. The owners are honest and have a lot of integrity and are both world class martial artists so they know what they are doing! I would highly recommend this school to anyone of any age who is thinking about starting or continuing in the martial arts.

A A.

East Valley Martial Arts Lessons

Gilbert, AZ Karate Instructor and Students

Black belt students bowing to Mr. Sandoval.

The goal of our East Valley martial arts school is to help students achieve the most from their lives by providing a positive atmosphere for personal and physical development. Improving our student’s personal development is very important to us. We expect all of our younger students to perform well in school. We also teach all of our younger students to respect their parents and be good role models for their younger siblings.

At both of our East Valley martial arts locations we teach our students self-confidence, giving them the ability to overcome peer pressure. In addition, our unique method of martial arts helps reduce stress in our adult students while adding an exciting new dimension to their lives. Our goals for student’s physical development include staying healthy, learning self-defense, improving flexibility, power, speed, endurance and energy. Click here to contact us.

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Karate in Gilbert : MMA, Taekwondo, Muay Thai

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Karate in Chandler : MMA, Taekwondo, Muay Thai

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What Sets Our East Valley Karate Schools Apart?

  • You’ll be training with world and national champions
  • You’ll learn self-defense to live a safer life
  • You’ll increase listening skills to prepare for school
  • You’ll make long-lasting friendships
  • You’ll gain self-esteem
  • You will learn to be respectful of everyone
  • We always have fun
  • Exercise is important and healthy
  • You will learn to focus to get important tasks completed
  • You’ll learn a positive atmosphere = positive attitudes


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