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About Sandoval Freestyle Karate

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Mr. Sandoval & Son

Sandoval Freestyle Karate is a family karate school with two locations to better serve you – click here to learn about our Gilbert karate school or here for our Chandler karate school.

Our promise to our students is that we will provide a warm, professional, and courteous atmosphere that will enable everyone the opportunity to grow both mentally and physically.

Here at S.F.K. we are continually striving to grow and provide the best in martial arts education.

Our staff has spent years developing their skills, so they can help students achieve individual personal and physical improvement. We want to guide you through the path of self-improvement.

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Gilbert & Chandler Family Karate Classes

Little Dragons (ages 3-5) This class will impress you. Our Little Dragons learn to be better listeners. They also learn how to be respectful and how to focus. They are beginning to learn martial arts movements appropriate for their age group. As students grow they are also working to become physically stronger and more coordinated, so they gradually learn more challenging movements. Most importantly, they have FUN!

Children’s Beginners (ages 6-11) They learn how to set goals and have the ability to achieve them. They develop higher levels of attention and improve their overall coordination. They further develop respect, focus, and learn self-defense. We work with them on improving self-esteem, and encourage our students to do well academically.

Teens/Adults (ages 12 and up) Karate classes are a great way to keep teenage children out of trouble! We provide a positive environment for teenagers to grow both physically and mentally. They also learn how to overcome peer pressure. Everyone in this class has the opportunity to improve flexibility, endurance and energy. Also, our unique method of martial arts helps reduce stress in our students while adding an exciting new dimension to their lives. In addition, learning self-defense is extremely important for both teens and adults.

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Bring Your Family Together by Taking Them to Sandoval

Not only is karate a useful self-defense tool, it is a fantastic way of keeping fit. It is also one of the few activities where the entire family unit can come together and enjoy doing something. The family classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s centers in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, are proof of this. We have dozens of families who attend our classes, and they love the fact that they learn how to defend themselves while getting fit in the process. Below, we look at a few reasons why you should take your family to Sandoval to learn...

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