Karate Practitioner Doing Flying Kick

We enjoy teaching students the fundamentals of Karate and always strive to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Unfortunately, there are countless others who don’t follow this path. We live in an era where every mistake is highlighted through the medium of video, and below we look at 7 of the most humorous martial arts fail videos!

Seven of the Best Martial Arts Fails

1. Afro Ninja

This video has received more than 16 million views, and we doubt that many people were not absolutely doubled up in laughter after watching this hilarious ‘ninja’ video go horribly wrong. It begins with a man exuding the confidence of a ninja with nunchaku and a mean stare as he starts his epic routine. He attempts to perform a reverse backflip only to land flat on his face, but the icing on the cake is when the disorientated ‘ninja’ rises and tries to swing his nunchaku! He staggers and falls into the camera as an anxious voice asks him if he is ‘alright’.

2. Failed Concrete Slab Punch

In this video, one imagines that his pride hurts the most! It begins innocuously with a black belt martial artist standing over a pile of concrete slabs in what looks like a routine demonstration. After about 30 seconds of preparation, he strikes and… misses the batch completely! Luckily his face does not smash into the blocks, but he does walk away looking embarrassed.

3. Coconut Fail

This appears to be a video of a television show where a contestant is going for some sort of coconut breaking record. He looks the real deal with his martial arts gear, but when the time comes to display his skills, a rather feeble attempt is the result. He tries to break about 10 coconuts and either misses the mark completely or smacks the offending coconut and fails to even crack a single one! In hindsight, he should have used a hammer!

4. Double Karate Demo Fail

Karate demonstrations only look cool when EVERYONE gets it right! As you can see from this video, a couple of black belts are having an off day under the watchful gaze of the audience. The camera focuses on one practitioner who can’t seem to break the stubborn wooden block, but his failed effort is overshadowed by another member of the group who tries to leap into the block only to miss and go hurtling into the crowd. Not the best day at the office for this group!

5. Choke Hold of Doom

This video is a bit unlike the others since the ‘fail’ actually involves performing the move to perfection! It is supposed to be a video instructing students how to perform a martial arts choke. All appears to be going well until the end of the video, when the teacher discovers that he has accidentally knocked out his student! So much for showing control!

6. Karate Guy Tries to Break Sticks

Nothing proves to a watching audience one’s devotion to martial arts other than breaking stuff. However, after breaking the first two sticks in this demonstration with “soccer” kicks, this young man can’t seem to keep the momentum going; painfully continuing to kick, but not break, the sticks until he can barely stand on his own two feet any longer.

7. Trying to Break Boards with Headbutt

There’s a right way and a wrong way to break a board in karate. This video demonstrates the latter, as you will quickly see. Kids, learn from this karate guy’s mistakes and don’t use your head to try and break boards.

Hope You Enjoyed!

We hope you enjoyed these epic fail videos, which not only show that amateurs should not perform unsupervised martial arts, but also show that even experts can get it terribly yet hilariously wrong.