Welcome to Sandoval Freestyle Karate!

Choose your location for new student info, class schedule, driving directions, and more.

Welcome to Sandoval Freestyle Karate!

Choose your location for new student info, class schedule, driving directions, and more.

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Martial Arts Lessons in Gilbert & Tempe

Sandoval Freestyle Karate is a leading martial arts school located in Phoenix’s East Valley. We have two locations, a Gilbert school and Tempe school, both of which offer martial arts derived from traditional karate, taekwondo, American kenpo, and Muay Thai. We are also very proud to be an official Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy and offer jiu-jitsu lessons at our Gilbert location. Please select from the following classes to learn more or feel free to contact us directly.

Tempe Class Times

Chandler Class Schedule

Gilbert Class Times

Gilbert Class Schedule

Little Dragons Class (3-5)

Have your little one join our Little Dragons class to learn better eye-hand coordination, listening skills, and most importantly, to have fun with friends!

Beginner’s Karate Class (6-11)

Beginner’s karate is for students ages six through 11 and offers excellent tuition on self-defense, respect for one’s peers and elders, and skill development.

Teen’s & Adult’s Class

Teenagers and adults that study martial arts have improved social skills, self-esteem, and active lifestyles – helping students to feel great and stay in shape.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

Learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Gilbert at Sandoval Freestyle Karate – an official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school taught by BJJ purple belt Mr. Allen Sandoval.

Meet Mr. Sandoval & Friends

What Sets Our East Valley Karate Schools Apart?

✅ Instructors are world and national champions
✅ We focus on self-defense to live a safer life
✅ Students increase listening skills to prepare for school
✅ Long-lasting friendships are formed every day
✅ You’ll gain heightened self-esteem
✅ Our students and instructors are respectful of everyone
✅ We always have fun
✅ Exercises offered are important and healthy
✅ We improved focus which carries over in everyday tasks
✅ Our positive atmosphere equals positive attitudes

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New Gilbert Location Before & After Pictures

New Gilbert Location Before & After Pictures

We just moved in to our new 3,100 square-foot, purpose-built karate school in Gilbert and we couldn't be more excited to share some before and after pics with you! Before Pics [gallery type="slideshow" size="full"...

Jodan Age-Uke

Jodan Age-Uke

An upward or rising block used to deflect an attack to the upper part of the body. It can also receive an incoming attack and sweep it overhead while still keeping contact with the attacker’s instrument (arm, leg, or weapon).

Ikken Hissatsu

Ikken Hissatsu

A term derived from traditional karate that literally means “to annihilate at one blow”. In karate, this is deemed to be the pursuit of landing a single strike that ends the contest. It is one of the most advanced techniques in karate and takes many years of practice and immense skill to perfect. Few karateka ever reach this level.