Two Men Having an Argument

The vast majority of people will try and avoid a confrontation as much as possible, but there will always be belligerent individuals looking for a fight. In most cases, a verbal altercation will precede a physical fight and it is during this bout of verbal jousting that you can defuse the situation and prevent it from escalating into a brawl.

Even if you are well trained in karate or another martial art form, it is best to try and calm the situation and avoid it from becoming a fight. After all, you have no idea how much skill your mystery opponent has, nor can you ascertain if they are carrying a weapon. Additionally, there is the small matter of legal proceedings if things get violent, so read on to find out how to prevent a potentially volatile situation from exploding.

Three Traits of a Martial Artist

1. Acknowledgement

Since most people begin shouting angrily, often because they feel as if they are not being understood, it behooves you to acknowledge the person’s anger. Failure to do this will only make the other person more upset and more likely to launch a physical attack. Remain calm and ask the person what they are upset about and don’t be judgmental or sarcastic. This is likely to lead to further conversation at a lower noise level. Once you have established effective communication, the chances of a physical altercation occurring becomes minimized.

2. Empathy

Regardless of how angry you feel and even if you think the other person is in the wrong, you need to show empathy. Repeat what the other person says to you while responding, because when you explain that you understand the issue in the other person’s words, you are showing that you are seeing things from their point of view. Try and find some common ground and when clarifying the argument, be sure you are specific when it is addressed.

Remember that the other person is not in a rational frame of mind, so avoid pointing out the error of their ways, since it is unlikely that they will be responsive! Challenging the other person on any point at this stage is inadvisable, since it will only escalate the situation, as will returning threats or engaging in aggressive behavior.

3. Ability to Take a Walk

It is often said that it takes a brave person to walk away and you can show this bravery by taking the opportunity to leave the scene if it arises. While this course of action could serve to inflame the other person and cause them to be more aggressive, it is far more likely that walking away will give them the chance to calm down, think things through, and come to the conclusion that a physical confrontation is simply not worth it.

The Value of Martial Arts Training

When you take a karate class or any other form of martial arts classes with a responsible and reputable school, you will learn how to calm down a situation using your verbal skills. While you have your martial arts training to fall back on, it is always best if you don’t need to use it.