Middle Age Couple Hanging Out

You are probably familiar with all the reasons for children to take up karate. It helps them interact with others, overcome shyness, improves their level of self-esteem and makes them less likely to be the victim of bullying. What about the middle-aged man or woman? How can karate help them in life, as presumably, they don’t get beaten up on the playground? Below, we explore 5 great reasons why you should consider karate as you get older.

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Karate at Your Age

1. Improved Health

A quick visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention yields extremely worrying statistics. Approximately 26.5 million adults in the United States have heart disease resulting in almost 600,000 deaths per annum. This is just one of many eye-opening statistics relating to the health of Americans. By taking up karate, you will be getting off the couch and giving your body a much needed workout. As medical conditions catch up to you in your middle-age, now is the time to fight back!

2. Better Fitness

If you have children, there is nothing worse than not having the energy to play with them and enjoy spending time with them. Most American adults are simply not physically active, as can be seen by the 36% of people who are obese in the United States. Karate helps to improve your physical fitness level, ward off disease, and also give you the energy to keep up with your kids!

3. Relieve Stress

Those who take up karate when they are older find that it is extremely empowering. It may sound juvenile, but there is something satisfying about knowing you can handle yourself physically in a situation. Additionally, it is a great way to deal with the stresses caused by work and family life. You can release all your stress through the physical activity of karate.

4. More Self-Control

In modern society, losing control is seen as unacceptable, yet we see it everywhere we go. From the honking of car horns to angry jostling in queues, impatience is rife. Given the stress imposed upon us, losing control is not altogether surprising. When you take up karate, you will learn how to harness your energy and use your anger productively. Instead of making a scene, you will have the ability to remain calm and walk away. Having a measure of control in an increasingly volatile society is admirable and can be learned in karate class.

5. New Challenge

You have often heard of the ‘mid-life crisis’ where a middle-aged individual goes through a rebellious phase where he/she does something out of character and often engages in downright foolish behavior. The reason that this happens is because the individual in question is bored and needs a new challenge, something stimulating to make a mundane life seem less dull. With karate, you get this challenge without causing undue embarrassment to you or your loved ones!

Do Something Exciting!

If you are middle-aged and looking for something new and exciting that will improve your fitness, help you regain control, and give you a form of peace, karate ticks all the right boxes, so join a class today.