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We’d like to say a special “thank you” to all of our students and parents of students who have taken the time to write kind words about our martial arts academy! Below we’ve gathered some of the most recent reviews of Sandoval Freestyle Karate; if you’re thinking about joining one of our schools, we highly encourage you to stop by a location in person to meet parents and students before doing so. If you have questions or would like to schedule a time to meet with us, please click here.

I have a 3 year old daughter and a 4 year old son in the Little Dragons program. I am consistently impressed by the instructors and the personal and individualized attention they afford to the kids. Both of my kids are high energy jumping beans with a penchant for jumping, climbing, and getting into things, so I figured that the ninja track was the way to go.

Mr. Garrett is the main instructor and does a great job leading the class and relating to the kids on their level. It’s great to see a line up of 18 kids 5 & under all staring in reverence at an authority figure. If this is a cult, sign me up.

Jen S. Westland, MI

Great hands on instruction with superior instructors!!

Karoline A. Proud Parent

Sandoval Freestyle Karate(SFK) is awesome! The owners/instructors are enthusiastic and work very well with the kids. My son has thrived so much since starting the Little Dragons Class (3 – 5 year old). He started SFK at age 3 and will be turning 5 this coming year. He’s become more focused, follows directions better and his confidence has gone through the roof. The Instructors (Paul, Jerry, Bill, Allen, & Kristi) are very focused on the kids. They know all of their names from day one. It is AMAZING how much our son has changed is such a short time. They are working on ”life skills” not just martial arts. Each class has a different focus ( there are things like memory, coordination, self control, discipline, focus, etc.). They have a thought through system that really motivates the kids. I highly recommend Sandoval Freestyle Karate.

Ryan1980 Proud Parent

I highly recommend SFK to anyone who is serious about learning martial arts. I have two daughters that have been taking classes for the last 6 years. Prior to doing martial arts they were very shy, now they have no problem performing in front of crowds. This has really helped develop their self esteem.

Gabe V. Phoenix, AZ

Sandoval Freestyle Karate (SFK) is awesome! Our daughter started in the Little Dragons (age 3-5) just a little over a year ago, and we have seen the changes in her confidence level, determination and self discipline. SFK is really good at teaching the little ones how to be more focused, better listeners, and follow instructions. The instructors are so patient and encouraging with the kids. We are very grateful to all the instructors for what they have taught her, especially Mr. Lesaka. We highly recommend SFK to anyone seeking self-discipline, respect, self defense, and who wants to learn martial arts!

CKKM2012 Proud Parent

We’ve been a part of Sandoval Freestyle Karate for over 4 years. We love the instructors and have never considered going to another school. They are extremely patient with their students and take the time to help their students improve.

Egmnim Proud Parent

My daughter has been going to Sandoval’s for about six months now and we initially began because they had a good deal going (comparable to the others around) and because we wanted her to have more discipline and also learn self-defense.

I’ve been taking her three to four times a week now since then. All of the instructors are great with all ages, get to know the parents too, and they even offer free weekend birthday parties for the kids. All of these things really made it an extension of family and home.

Devon A. Chandler, AZ

I cannot say enough about Sandoval freestyle karate. All of the staff has been so invovled in my childrens’ classes and individualized attention. I have been a parent of 2 children who have attended Sandoval karate for over 10 years and we conitnue to attend to this date. Mr. Sandoval has been an amazing instructor and motivator for my children. I am proud to have a first degree black belt, and a red belt daughter. I know they are learning the importance of setting a goal and following thru until is accomplished. I will recommend Sandoval Karate to any parent who is interested in exercise, consistency, quality and focus training for their children.

Yvonne Velasco Proud Student

My 7 year old son has been a student at Sandoval for about a year. Our experience has been fantastic. This school has you and your childs best interest at heart. The instructors aren’t too strict but kids really respect them. They teach your child the principles of karate and self defense using discipline and control while also making classes fun. The "games" they play are great for the kids and build up their fundamentals without them knowing it. After a year, my son still looks forward to every class. I can definitely see a positive change in his self confidence. I would highly recommend Sandoval Karate.

Willoz Proud Parent

Wow! I have to say 2011/12 has been very good years for the Sandovals. They definitely deserve an upgrade from 4 stars to 5 stars. I’ve watched them grow from the last time I wrote my review, from moving their main school to a new location in Gilbert to opening a brand new 2nd location in Chandler. They have also become very involved in the Arizona tournament circuit, even running their own tournament, allowing students to grow by matching their skills against other schools. I make it a point to visit the Sandoval’s a few times a year to push my training to new heights. Master Allen Sandoval has a winning perspective on alternative training methods that always has me seeing results in my work outs.

Jeremy K. Alameda, CA

This is an excellent school! The instructors are great and really care about the students and their success. The owners are honest and have a lot of integrity and are both world class martial artists so they know what they are doing! I would highly recommend this school to anyone of any age who is thinking about starting or continuing in the martial arts.

A A. Proud Student

I’ve been attending Sandoval Freestyle Karate for nearly a year now. I was a bit skeptical at first because I’m a college student, who doesn’t exactly have a whole lot of money to spare. However, I’m extremely glad I stayed. Everyone at Sandoval, including the students, are real easy to get along with and I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve gone to thus far. The classes at Sandoval are not only fun and enjoyable, but you learn a lot from attending them. I am currently an orange belt and attend both the karate classes and weapons classes. I plan on continuing training at Sandoval for as long as I can.

Pdarnold Proud Student

My rating would be 4.5 if possible. My son (almost 4) has been going here since he was 2.5 years old. He was originally tested by Mr. Sandoval to see if he had the skills to start their Little Dragon’s program. After being admitted they did a great job of pushing my son to succeed while still being considerate of his age. All of the instructors have shown a personal interest in my son and taken care to ensure he develops his skills properly. They show infinite patience with young kids while letting them know there are rules that need to be followed and if you fail to do so there are consequences.

Martin P. Alameda, CA

We have two kids, 10 and 7, that have been enrolled at SFK for about 8 months. Both really enjoy the classes. The instructors are really good with the kids – my wife and I have been very impressed with the amount of patience the instructors have. Although they always demand respect from the class, they enforce this in a way that is fair and treats the kids like adults – they don’t talk down to them. They do this while maintaining a fun and friendly environment – for example, there is an appropriate amount of banter and joking among the kids & instructors such that the kids seem to be very comfortable asking questions or talking to the teachers, but at the same time they want to put effort in to please the instructors. I think there are a lot of families that enroll their kids in a karate program specifically to try to address discipline problems – you can definitely see a wide spectrum in the classes. The instructors generally do a good job of handling this such that the focused kids receive the attention they need while also attending to the more challenging kids. Our kids are pretty focused and in the early classes we were a bit surprised by the behavior of some of the kids. But as time progressed and we saw the way the instructors handled the wide range of kids, we are very happy that our kids are there and can learn from such well qualified teachers.

Michael H. Gilbert, AZ

I have two kids at the Sandoval Chandler location, they have been attending the studio since it opened. My girls have really enjoyed taking karate there and really like the instructers at the studio. Everyone is so nice and professional. They seem to really enjoy teaching the kids, and make sure that they learning the correct way to do things. They are also learning self confindence and discpline.

Meli123 Proud Parent

My 7-year-old son has been going to Sandoval Karate for close to two years now and I can say enough great things about it! I would say my rating is more of a 4.5, and the only reason it isint a 5 is because of the lack of seating which is the only thing negative I have to say. The instructors are awesome, they remember every one of the kids names (which some days seems like 1000). They have excellent control over the class which if you have ever worked with kids this age you know is close to impossible. The training is outstanding and they do things that keep the kids interested such as sparring, weapons training, and games. During the belt ceremonies which make the kids feel awesome they usually have a presentation from the black belts that gives the kids a high standard to achieve and pushes them to become better. My son has excelled rapidly and loves every practice. I would highly recommend Sandoval Karate to anyone and everyone, and will continue to bring my son here for a very long time!

Mark M. Gilbert, AZ

My 14-year-old daughter has been has been coming here for 8 years and is now a first degree black belt. Learning karate has helped her to change from a shy little girl to a strong confident young lady who doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. This is due to the quality of instruction that you get from Sandoval freestyle karate. These guys are the best in the business and very professional!

Peggy S. Gilbert, AZ

This is an amazing karate school. Our eight-year-old son has been attending Sandoval Karate for two years now. The instructors not only know their craft very well, but they are amazing at creating an environment which makes the children want to keep coming back. Not only do the kids learn martial arts, but many other things: patience, self control, self discipline, work ethic, setting short and long term goals, and respect just to name a very few.

Even though our family has moved about 40 minutes away from Sandoval Karate, we continue to make the long drive because I believe the physical and life skills they are helping to instill in my son are worth every mile of the drive, and then some.

J B. Queen Creek, AZ

I’ve been attending Sandoval Karate for over 10 years and wouldn’t think about joining any other karate school in the Valley… even though I live 25 minutes away (without any traffic)! I’ve seen first hand how much the Sandovals put into their schools. They care deeply about helping students grow as martial artists and are always willing to give a helping hand. If you are searching for a quality martial arts school in Gilbert or Chandler, I highly recommend you stop by and visit with Mr. or Mrs. Sandoval and meet with other students and parents. You’ll be glad you did!

R J. Proud Student

I give a thumbs up to all the karate teachers! All of you deserve a pat on the back!

NinjaMom Proud Parent

Both my 10 year old daughter and 4-year-old son have been with this school since January 2014, all of the instructors are great with the kids, and my children love it not once have I had to force them to go. They do have a contract, but I’ve had a contract with most other activities the kids have been involved in. I would recommend this school for any parent who has a child interested in learning karate, the instructors are what makes this the best karate school around.

Ashley C. Gilbert, AZ

Sandoval Freestyle Karate is just as the 5 stars states…AS GOOD AS IT GETS! I have (2) children attending the studio, ages 9 and 6 and we have been attending 2x a week for the last (9) months. My children have had to endure a tremendous amount of stressors in their childhoods and I really wanted them to have an outlet, but I never could have imagined all the amazing things this studio has done for my precious boys.

Not only are their plenty of instructors to ensure the kids get the proper guidance and structure, they are amazing with all the kids no matter the age or the skill level! One of my absolute favorite things about this studio is the kids have to know what they are doing in order to achieve their next goal.They are not just handed a new belt when they have been in attendance for a certain amount of days, they are tested and if they are not ready and they don’t pass their test then the don’t move forward until they are ready; however, if they don’t pass the instructors take notice and give that child one on one attention until they get it. Personally, it bothers me when our kids are rewarded for participation or given trophies when they did nothing to deserve it. My boys are now yellow belts and it took (8) months for them to get to that point…but they know their stuff and they are dedicated to the program. They have started an understanding that this is a commitment and they love it!

Tabitha E. Gilbert, AZ

When my son Linus attended a B-Day Party at Sandoval Freestyle Karate little did I know this would lead to an almost 2 year relationship with the school. We are not disappointed. The discipline and skills he is learning are something that will positively benefit him for life. The staff are thoroughly professional and the program is geared to teaching the basics with an emphasis on form. If Linus had his way he would come here everyday. He enjoys it so much he has attended almost every class and their seasonal camps. I highly recommend Sandoval especially, if like me, you know little about Martial Arts.Now even I am able to help him practice just by paying attention to the classes.

Jeff Z. Gilbert, AZ

Not only are their plenty of instructors to ensure the kids get the proper guidance and structure, they are amazing with all the kids no matter the age or the skill level! One of my absolute favorite things about this studio is the kids have to know what they are doing in order to achieve their next goal.They are not just handed a new belt when they have been in attendance for a certain amount of days, they are tested and if they are not ready and they don’t pass their test then the don’t move forward until they are ready; however, if they don’t pass the instructors take notice and give that child one on one attention until they get it. Personally, it bothers me when our kids are rewarded for participation or given trophies when they did nothing to deserve it. My boys are now yellow belts and it took (8) months for them to get to that point…but they know their stuff and they are dedicated to the program. They have started an understanding that this is a commitment and they love it!

Tabitha E. Proud Parent

I helped run a karate school in Gilbert for five years and last year moved my son to this new karate school and could not be happier. He receives great instruction by very capable and talented instructors. He is so much happier at Sandoval Karate and his skills have improved a huge amount. He is stronger and more confident. He also moved to a new school and his new teacher bragged to me about how respectful and mature my son is and what a joy he is to have in class! I love this school and I know most of the instructors in town! As a first degree black belt myself, I know how important the integrity of the school can be. I highly recommend Sandoval Freestyle Karate!

Cindy S. Proud Parent

I have been taking the adult class here for over 2 years. What a great workout! Its amazing what the instructors can get your body to do. They are all first class and really want their students to succeed. I have nothing but great things to say about Sandoval Karate. Great instructors, fair pricing, and a fun way to stay in shape!

Jassen Proud Student

Having no experience with karate myself, I was not sure what to expect from a karate school, but I knew my 5 year old son needed some outlet for his boisterous personality. Sandoval Karate (while a pricey 6 month commitment) is well worth the money. My son has really found a sense of accomplishment as he has earned belts and learned new defense moves (and fun games/exercises). I cannot give enough praise to the instructors. They are working with various ages (I’ve mostly seen them interact with ages 3-5) and they are very affirming, kind, and understanding. At the same time, they embrace a no-nonsense approach to misbehavior or distractions, which allows for a very positive learning-centered environment. If you are looking for a place that will teach your children respect, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment while learning self-defense techniques, look no further.

S R. Chandler, AZ

Absolutely the best dojo I have ever been to, bar none!

 I have studied martial arts for many years, in several different disciplines, in two states, and none of them ever had the devotion to a fun, educational, caring, family atmosphere that Sandoval Karate offers.

 Being parents themselves, they know the value of positive influence and selflessness and how well it can define a child’s core. From holding ones self accountable to reaching out to others and engaging the community to education and physical fitness, Sandoval’s teachings have a lifelong impression on all they instruct.

 All things being equal, I can think of no other martial arts dojo that offers what Sandoval Freestyle Karate can provide.

Great rates, support, accountability, family atmosphere. I could go on and on. See for yourself what my daughter and I have been witness to. You wont be disappointed. I know we’re happy.

Jeffrey Scott Robinson Proud Parent

My kids have participated with Sandoval Freestyle Karate for several years. Not only are the instructors fantastic at teaching the art and skills of karate, they have become a support system for my children in their overall development and well-being. When we had some health issues, they were more than willing to work with us on our 6-month contract by freezing the dates until we were able to return. We have even had birthday parties at the studio and built great memories! The Sandovals and the instructors personally care about their students, their families and run a great program. We have recommended Sandoval Freestyle Karate to many, many friends and family and will continue there for a long time to come!

MandM0515 Proud Parent

Ive been involved with this school for over 2 years and am constantly impressed with the attention the instructors are giving their students. They make you feel like family here, Mr. Sandoval has trained some of the best instructors.I have relly enjoyed my time here so far, and would recomend this school to anyone.

Kmcarthur Proud Student

We have been with Sandoval karate for the last 18 months and returned after about 4 years leave. My son tried karate for about 2 years then tried other interests, but he came back to Sandoval after trying a different studio, Sandoval runs a great studio, his Staff is courteous and has an interest in all the students. They are energetic and driven to get the students to excel. They focus on the basics then drive them to advanced skills. We are so happy to be in the Sandoval family.

Jim C. San Jose, CA

My 2 daughters began their karate training at Sandoval Karate when they were just 3 years old. Mr. Garrett and Mr.White were 2 of their first instructors My girls are now 7 years old and are still training with Sandoval Karate with Mr. Garrett and Mr.White! Same instructors, 4 years later speaks volumes. They recently earned their green belt, and look forward to earning their black belt someday at Sandoval Karate. All of the instructors are just amazing with the kids, I not only witness that but I can see how my girls look forward to going! Anyone will be impressed by how smooth and organized this studio is managed. The minute you walk through their doors, from the courteous and knowledgable receptionist to the friendly and approachable owners , you won’t want to go anywhere else! I would rate this place a ten if I could!

Sonya O. Mesa, AZ

Great school! My daughter loves the teachers and we have been members for 3 years. Parking can be challenging sometimes but well worth the extra lap around the parking lot.

Marsha L. Chandler, AZ

I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere at this karate school! Everyone is so positive with the kids. We always leave with a smile!

Sandy M. Chandler, AZ

My niece has been attending karate lessons for 1 year and loves it. Every time I talk to her all she talks about is how much she loves karate and her favorite karate teacher Mr. Garrett! I foresee a black belt in her future.

Robert S. Phoenix, AZ

My son has autism, and Sensei Garrett has been instrumental in his recovery. Sensei Garrett keeps him engaged and holds him accountable for his actions. The change in my son is remarkable! He has more self confidence, coordination, and is able to self-regulate like never before. He has improved academically, listens more attentively, and follows directions when he used to cry or run away. My son is excited to go to karate classes. The joyful look on his face during lessons exemplifies a sense of pride knowing he belongs somewhere. I would recommend this karate studio to everyone; especially to parents of children on the autism spectrum. I can’t thank these professionals enough for treating my son with patience and respect. My prayers have been answered.

Marlena M. Gilbert, AZ

When my son (10) signed up, it was for a SPECIAL OLYMPICS class. All the kids are special needs. What a job they are doing. They are now testing for there yellow belts. Our son just loves each week when he know we are going. It has been a great delight to have been given this opportunity from SANDOVAL FREESTYLE KARATE.

Joe C. Mesa, AZ

My family really likes this karate school. We have been taking our 5 and 7 year old here for 2 years now. They love it too!! The teachers make learning fun and exciting.

Ian222 Proud Parent

I have two children who attend Sandoval Freestyle Karate. My son who is eleven has been taking classes for two years. He is a natural athlete, but I have to credit his karate instruction for giving him a bit of an edge. His strength, endurance, speed, and agility have increased. But what has dramatically changed for my son has been his ability to focus, listen, understand and complete a given task. The instructors talk clear and directly to all the children giving directions so that every child is able to understand and master each skill.

The experience for my daughter has been different. What she has gained from her karate instruction is confidence. She has gained confidence in herself and in her body and self image. The flexibility and strength that is gained from karate is amazing. She has become very proud of her flexibility and strength. She tests high in PE in her push up, pull ups, and sit ups. I can see she holds her shoulders a little higher and gives herself that confident smile in the mirror.

Alicia A. Gilbert, AZ

I have been attending the adult classes for over a year now. I have been very impressed by the work out I have been getting! What a great way to stay in shape and have fun. The instructors are great and really know how to get the most of you. I’ll be a client for life!

Doug S. Tempe, AZ

I have been taking my kids to Sandoval karate for about a year and a half now and they love it! My kids have so much fun learning karate and seeing their friends. I like taking them because they learn so much more than karate including respect! The instructors are awesome. This is a great karate school and I would recommend it!

Sara F. Gilbert, AZ

SFK is an amazing place. My daughter loves the staff and enjoys the lessons – including the exercise! There is never anything less than a welcoming attitude from Jennifer in the office. Mr. Lusaka, Mr. Munger and Mr. Hernandez are great instructors that the kids love to work with. Not only do the kids have to prove themselves in karate but SFK also wishes for them to have good reviews from home and school before they are able to attain the next level of belt. My daughter is getting ready to attain her orange belt and is determined to work her way to a black belt with SFK. Thank you SFK!!!

Pdarnold Proud Parent

This karate school is AWESOME! We have been bringing our daughter here for a few years now and she loves coming. The instructors are great with the kids. The quality of teaching is amazing because not only do they have Mr. Garrett as the main instructor but they also have a few other black belts in each class that help all of the kids. Each kids gets assistance during class which is nice because I feel like I’m getting the best value for my money. I couldn’t recommend a better school!

Jessica S. Chandler, AZ

Wax on. Wax off! This place is black belt! Bring your whole family! They do a really good job on teaching the art. Watch out for the Vive those people might complain about all the all the yelling and shouting.

WatchMe C. Littleton, CO

Great school! My daughter loves the teachers and we have been members for 3 years. Parking can be challenging sometimes but well worth the extra lap around the parking lot.

Marlawson Proud Parent

My kids love going here. The instructors do a great job with the children. Their ability to accommodate children of all skill level allows for each child get the most out of their time with the instructors. Super impressed with the studio and all the instructors.

AmandaC123 Proud Parent

We love this school! My 7 yr old daughter has been taking classes her for about 3 months and we could not be happier. She loves it and the disciple has helped at home. You get a lot of individual attention. I would recommend this school for everyone.

Craig P. Las Vegas, NV

We love Sandoval and would recommend it.

Sandoval offers a free class to try it out. After the class, they pull you in for the “hard sell” (where you get a free uniform and discount, but only good while you are in the room). We had decided that if the kids liked the trial, we were signing up, but I still resented the hard sell. We started in August 2014.

We got a discount for signing up 2 kids and paying for 6 months in advance. It is still expensive (~$250/month for 2 kids + fee for belt testing), but for us it is worth every penny. Both kids love it and asked to sign up for a second 6 months.

The instructors are amazing. They are so good with the kids – teaching them not only karate, but also discipline and focus, all while keeping the kids laughing and having fun.

Jennifer (at Chandler) in the front office, is super nice and helpful. She is always smiling.

Shera K. Chandler, AZ

My son has been taking Karate lessons at Sandoval Karate Chandler for a couple of years now and loves it. The facility has experienced some attrition in terms of instruction staff, but the teachers that are there now are wonderful and the children are very receptive to the instruction they receive. Mr. Hernandez is a joy and holds the children accountable but still allows them to be kids. The school teaches discipline and respect in addition to the wonderful lessons of self defense and karate. My son’s confidence has sky rocketed and he truly enjoys going. Jenn, at the front desk, always has a smile on her face and is always very pleasant with everyone, even at times when everyone is wanting to speak with her about something. The school itself offers many different “outside” activities as well, such as karate camp during the times schools is out of session and, most recently, held an Easter Egg hunt and potluck at Tumbleweed park for the patrons of both Chandler & Gilbert to enjoy.

I enjoy Sandoval and, more importantly, my son enjoys Sandoval. We’d recommend it to everyone we know.

Danielle M. Chandler, AZ

My son has been going here for a year and a half and loves it. This is one of the places where he never wants to miss a class. The pace of the lessons is appropriate for the age level and the kids also get one on one practice time with the teachers.

Megan M. Chandler, AZ

We immigrated from Europe exactly 12 months ago and were looking for an activity that will help our kids accommodate to the new environment. After some internet research, we found Sandoval relatively close to where we live and scheduled trial classes. My daughter, 7.5 and my son, almost 6, are attending the classes since May 2014 and are very happy.

Four stars are because of the following reasons:

1. After the trial class, they took us to a back room and played the now or never, if you sign in now, the uniforms are free but today only. We were determined to sign them in before we went on the first class, but we didn’t like the hard approach, which here (USA) we learned, it is everyday practice.

2. It is expensive. You have to sign a six months contract, pay for every exam, new belt and sparring equipment.

Regardless of the listed facts, we are happy with the kids progress and will continue to go. We like the discipline, the excersize, the self defense techniques, the instructors dedication and determination to teach the kids, the hygiene and the overall atmosphere. See you there 🙂

Ana S. Chandler, AZ

My boys have been going to Sandoval Karate since June 2013. Initially, we picked Sandoval Karate because of the location and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. My kids absolutely love the instructors and enjoy getting recognized for their hard work and determination. The instructors strive to make the classes fun while learning self-defense techniques, self-control, coordination, discipline, and focus. I was really impressed with how quickly the instructors learn all the kids’ names and how well they focus on working one-on-one with them. I enjoy watching my kids grow and become confident with every belt promotion. Thank you Sandoval Freestyle Karate!

A C. Chandler, AZ

We have been going to Sandoval Freestyle Karate for the past two years and couldn’t be more pleased. The instructors are amazing with the kids. My son has learned karate while having fun at the same time. It is always a positive and encouraging atmosphere while maintaining the integrity of martial arts. All the instructors we’ve had these past two years have been top notch, especially Mr. Garrett. He has went above and beyond to help our child achieve his goals. The only negative thing I have to say is that the parking is challenging at times and the complex is very busy. Other than that I’d say it’s fantastic. It must be or I wouldn’t drive 40 minutes one way and pass 10 karate studios on the way!!

B L. Proud Parent