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I absolutely love Sandoval freestyle karate! They have great instructors that are friendly and give great individualized instruction for their students. The staff is always kind and helpful. My stepdaughter was having trouble following directions at home, going to karate really helped her learn respect. I would recommend anybody there!

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All the instructors are great. They greet the students by their names, which makes them feel welcomed. All the instructors are able to engage each student. There are plenty of instructors, junior instructors and demonstrators at each class. Each child gets plenty of attention and one-on-one help.

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We been coming here for about 7 months and I️ have nothing but good things to say about Sandoval Karate. The staff and instructors are very friendly and polite. I’m so glad I️ signed up my son . They have helped my son a lot. Thank you Sandoval Karate!!!

Lessons Children Learn When Taking Tae Kwan Do Classes

Chandler Teakwondo Student

Who’s This Taekwondo Class For?

Sandoval Freestyle Karate offers taekwondo classes in Chandler, AZ to students ranging in all ages and skill levels. We are a family-oriented school that invites students who are preteens, teenagers, adults, and elderly to join in our lessons.

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Reasons to Take Taekwondo Classes

When you begin studying taekwondo at Sandoval Karate, you will be learning how to strike and attack an opponent and defending yourself from an assailant, plus how to properly stretch-out, different types of cardiovascular workouts, and you will improve upon your balance and gain muscle tone.

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How Classes are Structured

Classes are spit up by belt achievements and then by student’s ages. All students begin by first achieving their white belt from which they will progressively work towards joining the official Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

Kids Learn Teamwork

Taekwondo Belts & Weapons

Students are eligible to advance in belt colors after learning the required karate katas, forms, and self-defense moves for the belt they are testing for. When students reach advanced levels they are taught to use traditional martial arts weaponry, including Eskrima sticks, nunchucks, bostaff, kamas, sais, and sword.