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Kickboxing Classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate

Sandoval Freestyle Karate is a Chandler kickboxing school that offers students a fun way to exercise, ideal for those seeking to lose weight and increase muscle mass, while learning self-defense in the process. Our kickboxing classes focus on teaching how to strike, including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and chops, plus how to defend an attack from an assailant. If you or someone you know may be interested in joining a class, please contact us directly to learn about pricing and class scheduling.

Kickboxing students are often grouped by age group and skill level; however, we offer a women’s only class, which is fun to join with a friend, neighbor, or family member. Typical kickboxing classes start students with a white belt and students progressively work their way to black belt status.

When testing for a belt, students must know specific katas, forms, and self-defense maneuvers by memory and conduct them in a fluent manner. Advanced students have the option to learn to use weapons, including Eskrima sticks, the sword, sais, kamas, nunchucks, and the bostaff.

Kickboxing Workout Advantage

If you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape, our cardio kickboxing might just be funnest option! One of the great benefits of learning kickboxing is that you don’t have to be at class to practice, you can do kickboxing at the gym, at home, or even at work, during your break of course. Taking kickboxing lessons not only helps to sculpt your body, losing excess pounds and building muscle, but it also gives practitioners a broad knowledge of self-defense. If you need more convincing for why you should take up kickboxing, see the following.

Weight Loss Associated with Kickboxing

Ask any fitness trainer and they will likely tell you that the key to staying fit is to eat right and find an activity that you truly enjoy. The latter is ofter easier said than done, until you take kickboxing into consideration. During the typical kickboxing class you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories, during which time you are achieving a great cardiovascular workout. Often, the time flies by and before you know it the class is over and you’ve burned off a ton of calories.

Kickboxing for Sport

After learning the basics of the sport of kickboxing, you can take your skills to the next level and enter in local kickboxing / karate tournaments, where you can demonstrate your abilities against similarly skilled individuals. If you want to take kickboxing a bit more seriously, you can often attend up to five classes per week at martial arts schools, join a gym that offers regular kickboxing classes, and even add an additional martial art to your routine, such as judo, jujitsu, or Greco-Roman wrestling. Learning how to fight on your feet as well as on the ground is the best way to become a more rounded fighter.

Self-defense Techniques

Learning self-defense is important for so many reasons, perhaps best known for helping women to protect themselves from an attack, help prevent bullying in school, or to prevent an intruder from harming one’s family. Self-defense is a key aspect of any kickboxing class, which helps to train the mind and body to work instinctively when put in a fight or flight situation. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are never too old and rarely too young to learn how to defend yourself in a physical confrontation.

Kickboxing Kicks & Punches

The most common kickboxing strikes include:

  • Straight Kick
  • Twist Kick
  • Wheel Kick
  • Cross Punch
  • Jab Punch
  • Hook Punch
  • Uppercut Punch
  • Hook Kick
  • Heal Kick

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Sandoval Freestyle Karate is just as the 5 stars states…AS GOOD AS IT GETS! I have 2 children attending the studio, ages 9 and 6 and we have been attending 2x a week for the last 9 months. My children have had to endure a tremendous amount of stressors in their childhoods and I really wanted them to have an outlet, but I never could have imagined all the amazing things this studio has done for my precious boys…
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I highly recommend SFK to anyone who is serious about learning martial arts. I have two daughters that have been taking classes for the last 6 years. Prior to doing martial arts they were very shy, now they have no problem performing in front of crowds. This has really helped develop their self esteem…
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