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Chandler Self-Defense

Chandler Martial Self Defense Lessons

Sandoval Freestyle Karate Chandler
(NE Corner of Dobson Road & Germann Road)
1960 West Germann Road
Chandler, Arizona 85286
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Sandoval Freestyle Karate provides self-defense lessons to elementary students, high school students, women, men and professionals seeking advanced training in the city of Chandler, AZ. Self-defense techniques taught at SFK are derived from multiple fighting disciplines, including free-style karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai (kick-boxing), judowrestling and grappling, plus western style boxing. Our Chandler, Arizona self-defense classes teach students to build upon their physical strengths, use mental abilities to analyze situations, and be more astute when a physical encounter takes place.

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Our classes are divided into age groups and by belt level. Students start by first achieving their white belt and progressively work towards becoming an official member of the Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

In order to test for belt advancement, students must learn specific forms, katas, and self-defense moves based on their skill level. Advanced belts must also learn to use weapons, such as the staff, nunchucks, kamas, sais, Eskrima sticks, and sword.

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Tips for Finding Beginner’s Self-Defense Classes in Chandler

  • Choose a Quality School with Knowledgeable Instructors

A good instructor will expect a lot from his students, while maintaining discipline and safety during classes. The best teachers are typically the ones who work the hardest to excel and understand all aspects of martial arts.
  • Familiarize Yourself with Multiple Forms of Martial Arts

Take some time to research different types of martial arts. If possible seek out a school that teaches a style that matches your character and you feel comfortable with. Some schools teach a free-style form of martial arts that incorporate the best aspects of multiple disciplines, while others may focus sport styles or even street fighting techniques.
  • Find a Schedule that is Manageable for You

Getting into the habit of working out and training on a regular schedule will help your physical development, so be sure that your self-defense lessons are taught regularly – at least 2 – 4 times per week. Also make sure that your schedule coincides with the school’s.
  • Find a Convenient Location

When it comes to self-defense training, you’ll want to pick a location that isn’t too far from where you live or work. If you have to travel a considerable distance, you may quickly rationalize skipping a class or two. So try to find a school that is within a 5- to 15-minute drive.
  • Make Sure the School is Reasonably Priced

As with just about everything in life, with martial arts you get what you pay for. The tuition for self-defense classes in Phoenix typically ranges from $100 to $175 per month. Some schools will have additional fees, such as for testing, equipment, and a uniform.
  • Check Out the Facilities Prior to Signing an Agreement

A quality martial arts school will take pride in their facility and equipment, ensuring the highest level of safety standards for the students. Make sure that (i) the training area is adequate for performing self-defense techniques, and (ii) the equipment is in good shape and not in need of repair or being replaced.
  • Take Time to Get to Know the Students

Martial arts plays a significant role in building strong bonds, friendships, and camaraderie in practitioners. It’s a good idea to visit the school you wish to attend prior to signing up for classes, to ensure you get along with your fellow students. Some martial arts schools will allow you to take a free class to make sure you feel comfortable.

In case you were wondering, Sandoval Freestyle Karate meets all of the above criteria and then some!

Self-Defense Lessons in Chandler, AZ

Self-defense lessons are typically taught based on ancient forms of martial arts. Most people who are seeking self-defense classes are women, kids, teens, and working professionals, such as law enforcement and security workers. In recent years, women have been learning self-defense to become educated on how to react to an attacker, while many kids who have been victims of bullying are looking to put a stop to the torment and confront their assailant. Many adults want to take self-defense classes for the health benefits, as this form of cardiovascular exercise, is a great way to get your body in shape and keep it that way. Research has also shown that learning self-defense can positively influence at-risk youth, even acting as a form of modality for distraught teens.