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Sandoval Freestyle Karate offers taekwondo classes in Chandler, AZ to students ranging in all ages and skill levels. We are a family-oriented school that invites students who are preteens, teenagers, adults, and elderly to join in our lessons. When you begin studying taekwondo at Sandoval Karate, you will be learning how to strike and attack an opponent and defending yourself from an assailant, plus how to properly stretch-out, different types of cardiovascular workouts, and you will improve upon your balance and gain muscle tone. Our Taekwondo school in Chandler works to help students improve and hone their physical abilities, mental capabilities, and natural reaction involving physical confrontations.

Classes are spit up by belt achievements and then by student’s ages. All students begin by first achieving their white belt from which they will progressively work towards joining the official Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

Students are eligible to advance in belt colors after learning the required karate katas, forms, and self-defense moves for the belt they are testing for. When students reach advanced levels they are taught to use traditional martial arts weaponry, including Eskrima sticks, nunchucks, bostaff, kamas, sais, and sword.

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Information About Taekwondo

When translated from Korean to English, the word Taekwondo refers to breaking or striking with the feet and hands or way of the foot and the hand. In the mid-1900s, taekwondo, known strictly at the time as a South Korean martial art, began to gain world recognition. During the late 1980s, the fighting technique became popular in the US, and in the early 1990s, it was the most practiced form of martial arts in the county. The Olympic Games adopted the sport in the year 2000, which is currently one of the most anticipated events in the games.

One aspect of taekwondo that sets it apart from other forms of martial arts is the extensive use of kicks and strikes with the legs – one of the human body’s strongest extremities.

In taekwondo there are many types and variations of kicks performed.

Taekwondo Kicks Learned

The most popular kicks in taekwondo include:

  • Straight Kick
  • Twist Kick
  • Turn-around Kicks
  • Heal Kick
  • Axe Kick
  • Inward/Outer Crescent Kick

Blocks Used in Taekwondo

The basic blocks students learn include:

  • High Block
  • Low Block
  • Outside Block
  • Inside Block
  • Knifehand Block
  • Mid-section Block
  • Leg-check Block
  • Low Kick Block
  • High Kick Block

In the sport of taekwondo, practitioners learn a variety of movements, which consists of blocking moves, strikes – punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc., hip-throws, take-downs, and joint locks. The two main focuses of taekwondo are offensive maneuvers and self-defense tactics. Although taekwondo is studied worldwide, it is important to note that techniques can change from country to country, and even dojo to dojo and instructor to instructor. Understanding the physics involved in taekwondo movements is the most important thing for new students to keep in mind. Over time, students may deviate from traditional technique to practical technique or even adopt a style that best suits their physical attributes and abilities. Taekwondo schools are located from coast to coast, making this form of martial art easy to take-up for those interested.

Chandler Taekwondo Class Details

First and foremost, taking taekwondo classes should be fun. If you find that you are part of any martial arts class and you aren’t enjoying learning the sport, chances are you won’t stick to it. Classes are designed to meet the needs of students and are formed to have students of certain skill sets, often determined by belt level/color, and age groups to work together. This helps with those who are nervous about taking their first lesson, by assuring they are with like-minded individuals, while at the same time allowing advanced students to better their skills. The only way to know for sure if taekwondo is right for your work-out regimen is to try it out yourself. Sandoval Karate invites all new students to attend their first class for free!