Gilbert & Chandler Little Dragons Karate Lessons (Ages 4 – 6)

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Little Dragons are Taught:

✅ Learning is Fun!
✅ Self-Esteem
✅ Honor & Respect
✅ Social Interaction
✅ Active Lifestyle
✅ Self-Control

Can My Child Do Karate?

You can never really begin too early when it comes to learning karate as a child. While kids ages three to five will obviously be unable to go beyond the most basic movements, karate lessons can serve as a valuable foundation for when they become older and better equipped to master the art of karate. Working with children at this age is crucial to their development and can have lifelong benefits.

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What Will My Child Learn by Taking Martial Arts Classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate?

At Sandoval Freestyle Karate, each Little Dragons class activity is appropriate to the age group of the children. Martial arts lessons focus on the following:

Girl Practicing Little Dragon Karate Stance

Basic Stances and Moves

Give your child a massive head start by enrolling them in our Little Dragons class, as they will quickly learn the most basic moves and stances. This could save them years in terms of developing their skills, because as they grow, they become bigger, stronger, and more suited to challenging movements. With a couple years of practicing the basics, they will be way ahead of kids beginning lessons at ages seven and up.

Little Dragon Stretching Out Muscles for Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Kids are always getting into mischief, and this can lead to a series of injuries if they are unfortunate. At the Little Dragons program, they will improve their strength, flexibility, and motor skills while also significantly developing their running, jumping, and falling technique. Don’t underestimate the importance of learning these techniques, because they could be the difference between injury prevention and nasty injuries.

Disciplined 5-year-old Karate Practitioner


Part of the Little Dragons program involves learning how to stand still or wait patiently in line. We also encourage students to share and help each other out; these skills will undoubtedly prove useful in your child’s development, and this discipline helps them behave better. Additionally, your child will learn to listen to and implement the instructions of our team.

Little Dragons Working Together in Karate


A major part of the program involves getting students to work well together. As a result, our Little Dragons encourage one another and help everyone improve. Corporations pay small fortunes to improve the teamwork skills of their employees; give your child an advantage by signing up for this program.

4-Year-Old Boy Wearing Karate Sparring Gear


The most obvious benefit here is providing your child with a self-defense base with which to work, but there is an equally significant plus point. We teach our Little Dragons how to talk to strangers so they will be better equipped to keep themselves safe by identifying adults they can trust. Furthermore, we provide modern, safe equipment for our students to utilize during classes.

Sandoval Freestyle Karate Reviews

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Female Customer Review
Yelp Review
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I have a 3-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son in the Little Dragons program. I am consistently impressed by the instructors and the personal and individualized attention they afford to the kids. Both of my kids are high energy jumping beans with a penchant for jumping, climbing, and getting into things, so I figured that the ninja track was the way to go. Mr. Garrett is the main instructor and does a great job leading the class and relating to the kids on their level.
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Female Customer Review
Insider Pages Review
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

My daughters have been attending Sandoval Freestyle Karate school for over two years, and are currently green belts. We travel about 15 miles to Sandoval Feestyle Karate school because it is a wonderful school with a great curriculum. All of their classes are taught by black-belt instructors who know how to get kids involved and how to make Karate fun. There is a lot of positive reinforcement and praise, which (to me) is very important.
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Male Customer Review
Yelp Business Review
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

My daughter’s been going to Sandoval’s for about six months now, and we initially began it because they had a good deal going (comparable to the others around) and because we wanted her to have more discipline and also learn defense. I’ve been taking her three to four times a week now since then. All of the instructors are great with all ages, get to know the parents too, and they even offer free weekend birthday parties for the kids. My daughter loves it…
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How Else Will My Child Benefit?

Children who complete the Little Dragons program will be much farther down the line when it comes to karate and overall self-defense skills than their peers. It is not unusual for Little Dragons to go on to become local or even state champions at a tender age.

We encourage students by offering rewards for great accomplishments, and we ensure contact sparring is not permitted during classes. Above all else, our Little Dragons absolutely love coming to class, so your only problem is having your kids pestering you to bring them!

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