Gilbert & Tempe Karate Lessons for Teens / Adults (13 & Up)

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Teens & Adults are Taught:

✅ Learning is Fun!
✅ Self-Esteem
✅ Honor & Respect
✅ Social Interaction Skills
✅ Active Lifestyle Importance
✅ Self-Control

Can I Do Karate?

You are certainly never too old to learn karate and it even has a range of benefits if you are 40 or more years of age! As you may know, karate is a study in self-defense, but it also helps students with self-awareness and enables them to remain in control of their environment. Teenagers are at an age where they are seeking an independent identity and karate enables them to do this, plus martial arts comes with adult responsibilities that help students throughout their lives.

For adults, karate is an excellent way to snap yourself out of a sedentary lifestyle and improve your health. It can also give you an introduction to the world of self-defense and even increase your confidence level.

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What do Students Learn by Taking Martial Arts Classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate?

As this is an advanced class, there will be a full karate program in place, which includes contact sparring. Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn in our martial arts program for teens and adults:

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Two Men Doing Katas

Karate Katas & Forms

These are special karate techniques that can be practiced without a partner, so you get the benefit of honing your skills without having to worry about injury. It develops fighting rhythms and simulates a fighting situation because you can experience the coordinated movements at full fighting speed. When performed correctly, kata practice teaches the development of the mind.

Adult Martial Artists Sparring

Sparring Classes

This is the closest thing to a real-world fighting situation you will encounter in karate class and is a fundamentally important part of what you will learn. Sparring forces you to use every single one of your skills and helps you to practice things such as timing, agility, speed, focus, and muscle and cardiovascular endurance. At Sandoval Karate, we only ever pair up students with comparable skill sets and abilities and ensure sparring is as safe an enterprise as possible. However, we also encourage students to use their skills to the best of their ability. We guarantee your confidence will be sky-high after a good sparring session.

Karate Expert with Improved Endurance

Endurance, Speed & Strength

Karate is one of the best combinations of speed, strength, and endurance there is. The best martial arts manage to combine all of the above, and we teach students how to train to make sure there are no gaps in their skill set. The moves we teach require a certain level of physical strength because they involve being in control of your own bodyweight. Few people have this ability, but once you master it, expect a reduction in the amount of injuries you suffer. Additionally, you will need to be fast to get the best results from your moves, and of course you will develop endurance from all your hard work and practice!

Sandoval Freestyle Karate Reviews

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Woman Student Karate Review
Yellow Pages Review
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

I’ve been attending Sandoval Karate for over 10 years and wouldn’t think about joining any other karate school in the Valley… even though I live 25 minutes away (without any traffic)! I’ve seen first hand how much the Sandovals put into their schools. They care deeply about helping students grow as martial artists and are always willing to give a helping hand. If you are searching for a quality martial arts school in Gilbert or Chandler, I highly recommend you stop by and visit…
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Male Student Review
Google+ Review
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Sandoval Freestyle Karate is hands down the best karate school in Phoenix’s East Valley… and I would know, as I personally know and have worked with many karate school owners in the area. Whether you’re seeking to learn self-defense, fighting skills, or simply want a fun workout regimen (such as myself), you can’t get any better than Sandoval Karate. Not only are the owners, Allen and Kristi, two of the nicest and most sincere people you’ll ever meet…
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Male Customer Review
Yellow Pages Review
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Absolutely the best dojo I have ever been to, bar none!

 I have studied martial arts for many years, in several different disciplines, in two states, and none of them ever had the devotion to a fun, educational, caring, family atmosphere that Sandoval Karate offers.

 Being parents themselves, they know the value of positive influence and selflessness and how well it can define a child’s core. From holding ones self accountable to reaching out to others…
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How Else Will I Benefit?

Whether you are a parent sending your teenage child to a karate class or you want to participate, you will learn valuable self-defense skills. As well as enjoying a multitude of physical benefits, you will also derive mental benefits such as improved concentration and patience. What are you waiting for? Enroll in our Teen/Adult Karate classes today!

Be sure to ask about family discounts if there’s another member of your family who wishes to study martial arts.

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