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Kickboxing Classes at Sandoval Freestyle Karate

Sandoval Freestyle Karate Gilbert is a leading school for kickboxing lessons and aims to meet and exceed the goals of our students. Kickboxing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and ideal for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle tone, learn self-defense, and compete with others. Sandoval Freestyle Karate kickboxing classes place a strong emphasis on punching, elbowing, kneeing, and kicking targets. Plus, our kickboxing academy in Gilbert teaches how to block an attack, move to avoid a strike, and how to react instinctively during a physical confrontation. Please contact us directly for information on scheduling, pricing, and private classes.

Our classes are divided into age groups and by belt level. Students start by first achieving their white belt and progressively work towards becoming an official member of the Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

In order to test for belt advancement, students must learn specific forms, katas, and self-defense moves based on their skill level. Advanced belts must also learn to use weapons, such as the staff, nunchucks, kamas, sais, Eskrima sticks, and sword.

Why Kickboxing is a Great Workout

Kickboxing may well be one of the best ways to both have fun and get in shape. Not only is it a lot of fun, but once you have some of the basic moves down, kickboxing can be done in a class, in a gym, or at home. Also, it is a great cardio exercise that can get you in shape and sculpt your body too. Learning kickboxing can also help in self-defense. Here are some of the best reasons to consider adding kickboxing to your exercise routine.

Great for Losing Weight

Losing weight is never a fun task. The key to losing weight and staying fit is to find the physical activity that you most enjoy doing. This will make losing weight a lot easier to accomplish in the end. Kickboxing is an activity that can keep you in shape and actually cause weight lose too. Kickboxing alone is an exercise that can burn on average 400 to 600 calories an hour, all the while getting a great cardiovascular workout at the same time. You will increase your metabolism and essentially work every muscle in your body with a good kickboxing workout. The best part about a workout with kickboxing is that it is a fun activity; therefore you hardly notice that you are exercising as hard as you are.

It’s a Versatile Sport

Once you have learned how to kickbox, it can be practiced virtually anywhere. While most of your training for kickboxing will take place in a class, it’s great to know that you can also join in on a class at your local gym if you happen to be at the gym on a given day. Many people will practice at home, or while watching a kickboxing video. Kickboxing can be done anywhere and can also be done competitively once you have your skills refined. This sport is truly one of the best and least expensive forms of exercise you can get.

You Learn Self-defense Moves

Who doesn’t want to know how to better defend themselves if they ever find that they’re in a compromising situation? Kickboxing is a fantastic skill to acquire for methods of self-defense. People of all ages can learn kickboxing, and it is commonly practiced for self-defense. Self-defense is something everyone should know at least a little bit about these days. Kickboxing is a combination of boxing and karate, therefore learning kickboxing will give you some of the basic skills you need should you find yourself needing to defend yourself.

Kickboxing Kicks & Punches

The most common kickboxing strikes include:

  • Push Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Straight Punch
  • Jab Punch
  • Hook Punch
  • Uppercut Punch
  • Hook Kick
  • Heal Kick

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I highly recommend SFK to anyone who is serious about learning martial arts. I have two daughters that have been taking classes for the last 6 years. Prior to doing martial arts they were very shy, now they have no problem performing in front of crowds. This has really helped develop their self esteem…
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