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Gilbert Self-Defense

Gilbert Karate School : Sandoval Freestyle Karate

Sandoval Freestyle Karate Gilbert
(NW Corner of Gilbert Road & Ray Road)
1522 South Gilbert Road, Suite 101
Gilbert, Arizona 85233
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Sandoval Freestyle Karate provides self-defense lessons to elementary students, high school students, women, men and professionals seeking advanced training in the city of Gilbert, AZ. Self-defense techniques taught at SFK are derived from multiple fighting disciplines, including free-style karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai (kick-boxing), judowrestling and grappling, plus western style boxing. Our Gilbert, Arizona self-defense classes teach students to build upon their physical strengths, use mental abilities to analyze situations, and be more astute when a physical encounter takes place.

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Our classes are divided into age groups and by belt level. Students start by first achieving their white belt and progressively work towards becoming an official member of the Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

In order to test for belt advancement, students must learn specific forms, katas, and self-defense moves based on their skill level. Advanced belts must also learn to use weapons, such as the staff, nunchucks, kamas, sais, Eskrima sticks, and sword.

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Tips for Finding Beginner’s Self-Defense Classes in Gilbert

  • Select a Top School with Experienced Instructors

A great teacher will want a strong effort from his students, maintain discipline and safety during lessons. The best instructors are most often the ones who are willing to work harder than others and who understands every aspect of the sport.
  • Get to Know the Different Types of Martial Arts

Do some research in regards to self-defense before you decide on a school. If possible try to find a school that instructs using a style you feel comfortable with. A few martial arts schools will utilize a free-style form of fighting and self-defense that makes the most of the most popular disciplines, while other schools may have a particular way of teaching, such as a sport technique or even street fighting style.
  • Make Sure the Schedule Works with Yours

Regularly working out and training is a great habit to get into, so check that the self-defense school you want to join has a schedule that is consistent and manageable in comparison to your own. Look for a school that has a minimum of 2 to 4 classes per week.
  • Don’t Pick a Location Too Far Away

When it comes to a self-defense school, you want to make sure that it is within a short drive from either your place of work or home. The sad reality is that is you live too far away, you will quickly talk yourself out of going based on the distance.So find a dojo that is less than 15 minutes away.
  • Check to Make Sure Prices are Reasonable

You certainly don’t want to jump at the chance to attend the cheapest martial arts school in town, because you will likely be getting what you pay for. In Phoenix, the monthly cost for self-defense classes right around $100 to $175. Keep an eye out for add-on fees, such as for new student testing, uniforms, and sparring equipment.
  • Visit the Location and Assess the Facilities

If a quality martial arts school takes pride in their facility and equipment, it’s typically fair to assume that they take care of their students too. Quality equipment and enough space to practice martial arts moves is essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Get to Know Your Peers and Sparring Partners

Martial arts has always played a role in creating mutual bonds, building friendships, and instilling camaraderie the students. Don’t sign an agreement before visiting the school and talking with some of the other students. Some martial arts schools let you attend a free class just to make sure you feel you will get along with others.

In case you were wondering, Sandoval Freestyle Karate meets all of the above criteria and then some!

Self-Defense Lessons in Gilbert, AZ

Self-defense classes are derived from martial arts dating back to the Orient over many centuries. Those most often looking to learn self-defense are women, children, teenagers, and professionals, such as law enforcement and security workers seeking job advancement. There are countless reasons for wanting to be able to defend oneself. For example, many women want to learn self-defense in case they are ever attacked; young children have been turning to self-defense to help put an end to being tormented by a bully; and others are simply looking for a fun way to get some exercise in. It’s not a secret that the health benefits associated with this type of cardiovascular exercise are superb and it is great for the lungs, heart, and building muscle mass. Being a self-defense practitioner has historically had a positive influence on at-risk youth, helping to teach them discipline, honor, and respect for their parents.