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Sandoval Freestyle Karate teaches taekwondo lessons to students of all ages and skill levels in Gilbert, AZ. Our students are elementary students, teens, college students, and adults. Taekwondo classes held at SFK include lessons on striking and attacking an opponent and defending an attack, plus stretching exercises, cardiovascular workouts, and balance and muscle strength training are a regular part of our workout regimen. Our Taekwondo school in Gilbert teaches students to improve upon their physical attributes, mental focus, and natural instincts when it comes time to fight back.

Our classes are divided into age groups and by belt level. Students start by first achieving their white belt and progressively work towards becoming an official member of the Sandoval Freestyle Karate Black Belt Team.

In order to test for belt advancement, students must learn specific forms, katas, and self-defense moves based on their skill level. Advanced belts must also learn to use weapons, such as the staff, nunchucks, kamas, sais, Eskrima sticks, and sword.

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What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo means “to break or strike with the foot and hand”, or otherwise translated to mean “way of the hands and the feet”. Taekwondo was originally established nearly 2000 years ago. However, it gained in popularity in South Korea in the 1950’s, and quickly popularized into being the most practiced form of martial arts by the late 1980’s. Beginning in 2000, Taekwondo has been an Olympic event, and has gained in recognition in martial arts school attendees nationwide.

Taekwondo is a distinct type of martial art, and involves the use of the legs and kicking of the legs, which are believed to be the strongest extremity.

There are many different types of taekwondo kicks.

Common Taekwondo Kicks

The most common taekwondo kicks include:

  • Front Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Spining Kicks
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Sliding Side Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Heal Kick
  • Axe Kick
  • Crescent Kick

Common Taekwondo Blocks

Some of the blocks you will learn include:

  • Upper Block
  • Downward Block
  • Outward Block
  • Inner Block
  • Knifehand Block
  • Mid-section Block
  • Knee Block
  • Low Kick Check
  • High Kick Check

Taekwondo training includes a number of different moves, but mainly concentrates on various blocks, punches, kicks, and open-handed strikes, and will also involve throws, take-downs, and joint locks. Most of the time taekwondo training will include some self-defense training as well. Although there are many different styles of taekwondo taught throughout the country, it is not difficult to learn, and since much of what you will learn is highly versatile, picking up on different styles will be quite easily done. Additionally, taekwondo is one of the more popular forms of martial arts taught in the United States. This makes finding others who are also interested in taekwondo classes easier to find. The demand for this type of instruction is typically quite high.

Gilbert Taekwondo Lesson Info

Taekwondo classes are fun for everyone; really anyone can participate in a taekwondo class. Men, women, beginners, advanced students, kids, teens, and elderly adults can all join in on a taekwondo class. There are classes for everyone, so you will never feel like the odd one out. Most martial arts facilities have several different classes which teach taekwondo throughout the week, so there’s likely a class that suits your schedule. What’s more, professional instructors will happily meet you right where you are in your learning curb and teach you more to advance to the next level. The best way to know if taekwondo is the martial art form best suited for you is to give it a try.