Boy Listening to Instruction

Every facet of day to day life involves a sight, a smell, a sound and evokes a feeling, whether it can be touched or not. Realistically, there is no diagnosis for a child’s or adult’s inability to pay close attention, there is no condition for a weakness in listening and comprehension. Rather there is a lack of engagement in activities that connect mind to body, requiring full attention, where the mind retains the information so that it can repeat the motion. This is why martial arts has helped so many people improve their listening skills, because it requires and relies upon the art of communication to present each student with technique and form.

Why Do Parents Seek Martial Arts Lessons for Kids?

It is common that parents seek martial arts classes for their child for reasons of building honor, respect, and courage; however, many find that the more their child engages in martial arts, the better his or her listening skills progress. Every form of martial arts, be it taekwondo, karate, or kickboxing requires the participant to watch their teacher closely, not only are they listening, they are hearing. They must be capable of hearing what is instructed, such as kicking motions, footwork, and various other movements. In turn, motor function skills begin to improve and students will become more efficient at learning by ear and learning by sight.

Martial Arts Goes Beyond Improved Listening Skills

Anyone is capable of listening but to truly hear is the greater wisdom of the warrior, the warrior must see, hear, and feel his surroundings. In addition, listening to one’s instructor, or whomever is speaking to him or her, shows a great deal of respect and martial arts is based upon this concept. The improvement gained during practice and training will show in a variety of other aspects of one’s life, ranging from social, financial, and emotional. Not to mention, memory will be sharpened and heightened, the complex array of movements that are associated in the practice of martial arts will become first nature to the student whom learns to listen.

Why Listening Skills Matter

The bottom line is, there are a million diagnosis that may be stamped on one whom has problems listening and even learning. Yet listening is simply a skill that one must be put in a situation to learn. After much practice and action, the skill becomes greater. Without the ability to listen one fails to achieve skills useful when engaging in a productive conversation, the ability to understand, comprehend, and fully delve into the capacity of life. By engaging in martial arts, listening will improve and one will find themselves beginning to hear and respect another’s words. Be it child or adult, listening skills are imperative and martial arts is one of the most thrilling ways to improve them and grow along the way.