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Looking for kids party ideas? Why not have one of the most awesome children parties you can, such as a board breaking karate birthday party? Our karate birthday parties are fun and exciting! Not only will we teach you how to break a board, but everyone in your kid’s birthday party will have their own board to break and take home!

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Martial Arts Party with Board Breaking & Games

Chandler-Gilbert-Phoenix Martial Arts Birthday

Birthday Parties for Kids

If you’re looking for the perfect activity for your kid’s birthday party, check our karate parties.

Your Karate Party Includes:

1. Up to 30 participating guests!

2. Board-breaking karate session

3. Boards for every participant to break

4. Sandoval Freestyle Karate instructor(s)

5. Fun and entertaining games

6. 1.5-hour karate party

7. 15 minutes preparation time before party begins

8. Sandoval Freestyle Karate gift certificates for every attendee

* You may bring food and beverages.
** All attendees will need to have a signed waiver form to participate. Please let an SFK staff member know how many waivers you will be needing, so you can put them in your invitations.
*** Tips are accepted, not expected.

Karate Birthday Parties

Are you completely out of ideas when it comes to coming up with a theme for your child’s birthday party?

Have you already exhausted the traditional ‘tried and trusted’ route of hiring a clown to make balloon animals, family BBQ in the backyard, mom coming out with the cake and dad eagerly using his video camera to watch his child open the presents in the company of friends and family?

At Sandoval Karate, we are all for tradition. After all, we teach an ancient martial art! However, there is always room to try something new and your child will love the Karate birthday parties we hold in our Gilbert and Chandler schools.

Make New Rules

We provide the venue and will cater to your every need which means you can come up with the most original birthday party theme ever! How many kids can tell their friends that they held their party in a dojo and got to smash things on their birthday? As we mainly teach kids, we are certain of two things: They have boundless energy and are always looking for something new and exciting to do. With a party at Sandoval Karate, the attendees won’t get the opportunity to be bored as they will be having far too much fun. They will use so much energy that parents may even be able to get them to sleep later on, a win-win situation if ever there was one!


The trouble with holding a birthday party at home is that you can only invite a certain number of people before things get crowded. You can hold the event at a restaurant but there is little for the kids to do. You can host a birthday party at a theme park but it’s difficult to keep an eye on everyone. When you host a Karate-themed party at Sandoval, kids will have a number of fun activities to keep them occupied while always being close to adults.

We allow up to 30 guests which we’re sure you agree are more than enough to create a rip-roaring event. Forget about ‘traditional’ birthday party games, we have one that everyone will want to be part of. We offer a board-breaking game and show each kid how to successfully smash a board safely. Once they have used Karate technique to break the board in two, they get to keep it as a souvenir and impress their friends with their prowess. There will be Sandoval Karate Freestyle instructors in attendance to keeps things running smoothly and to show the kids a few moves. We also allow a 15 minute preparation period for the 90 minute karate party.

We guarantee that the time will fly by and everyone will have a blast, especially the birthday boy/girl. All attendees receive a Sandoval Freestyle Karate Gift Certificate and will also bring home many wonderful memories. Above all, we wish your child the happiest of birthdays and will do everything we can to give him/her the best birthday party ever!

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