Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s Martial Arts Glossary “G”

Discover Japanese Terms Used in Karate Beginning with “G”

Welcome to Sandoval Freestyle Karate’s karate glossary, where we’ve listed the most common karate terminology one will encounter. If you cannot find the term you’re looking for or would like to learn more, please contact us today!

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Gedan Uke

A low block technique in karate and the best technique to use when practitioners are being kicked and their blocking arm is at waist level or lower when they get kicked.


The name for the traditional karate uniform. It has a similar origin to the judogi, the judo uniform, but the Gi is made from much lighter material. It is important to purchase a high-quality Gi, because an inferior-quality garment will quickly shred under the stresses of karate practice. The lighter material makes it easier for the karateka to practice.

Gedan Barai

A karate method for blocking an attack. It means “low-level sweep” and is one of the first techniques learned by karateka.


This refers to a lower-body strike in karate.


A reverse punch where the non-lead hand is used.


The term for karate kicks.