Karate Boy Wearing Sparring Gear

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that has become extremely popular, not in the least because of the benefits in terms of physical strength, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Our centers in Gilbert and Chandler are staffed with experts in the field of kickboxing, and we offer classes for a variety of age groups and skill levels. However, it is also a martial art where certain pieces of equipment are required, and we outline them below.

Seven Pieces of Sparring Gear Needed for Kickboxing

Boxing Gloves


Gloves are necessary both to protect your hands and to provide an element of protection to your opponent. There are a variety of different gloves available depending on whether you are sparring, fighting, or aerobic training.



You should wear soft gauze bandages on your hands before slipping them into a pair of boxing gloves. They should be wrapped relatively tightly but still allow your hands freedom of movement. Although you can wear any kind of bandages while training, there are strict rules when it comes to fighting in competition.

Mouth Guard


Kickboxing practitioners should always wear a mouth guard when sparring or fighting because it could prevent you from suffering a serious injury. The nature of kickboxing means blows to the face are possible, and it is all too easy to sustain a fractured jaw or broken teeth if you are not protected. Don’t purchase a cheap mouth guard; invest in an individually-fitted tooth protector, as it will fit your upper and lower teeth perfectly, thus ensuring you receive the best level of protection.

Head Protection


As we mentioned above, kickboxing is a contact sport, so shots to the head can be sustained. All students at Sandoval classes in Chandler and Gilbert are required to wear protective headgear. Again, invest in premium-quality headgear so blows to the head are absorbed.

Groin Protection


This is also available for women but is absolutely essential for male students for obvious reasons. There are various forms of groin protection, ranging from a basic built-in cup to compression shorts with a special groin protector.

Chest Protection


Female students should wear chest protection, as a woman’s chest area is more sensitive than a man’s. This protection can come in the form of a full chest guard or bras with protective hard-shell cups that can be removed. Men can also wear a chest guard during sparring for added protection if they wish.

Shin Pads


No kickboxing student should fight without shin pads. All you need to do is watch a kickboxing match to see how essential shin pads are. Kickboxing involves a lot of kicks to the lower leg, and the shin bone is easily damaged for newcomers who are not used to receiving blows to that area. Shin pads are compulsory in amateur bouts but not in professional fights.


If you are interested in learning a new martial art and wish to enjoy the physical and mental benefits, enroll in a Sandoval kickboxing class in Phoenix’s East Valley. We make sure all students follow the correct safety protocols.